Spanish Dual Immersion Program

We are thrilled to be able to offer Kindergartners and first graders, whether Kid Works alumni or not, a home away from home.  The program takes place in the Bungalow and is for those Kindergartners and first graders who are dismissed from school at 2:00 pm.  We do pick ups for students from Fremont Elementary only.  Transportation from other schools will need to be arranged with other parents.  We would be happy to help make arrangements.

The program is Spanish dual immersion because we understand the importance of a second language taught in a natural setting.  Children will cook, garden, and have some down time for some good quality play.  This will mostly be conducted in Spanish to allow children the language development at the same time.   The program is ideal for those who have already been exposed to Spanish as a first or second language or even those who have never been introduced to Spanish.    We are flexible about making adjustments to the program based on the group of children and their needs or experience.


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