Our Programs

Garden Room

Preschool Program for 3 year olds

Lucy Picon

Garden Room Teacher

Lisa Escobar

Garden Room Teacher

The Garden Room is where our 3 year olds start their world of adventure.  They must be potty trained by the time they start.  They will develop one of the most important social skills in life; learning to cope in an environment away from their home.  The Garden Room is a cozy yet colorful, energetic, activity-filled environment.  Once our 9 am bell has been rung our little friends wash their hands and have snack (provided by KW).  They then sit for a rug time which could include a pre-math skill, flannel board story and lots of music with singing to help in language development.  They then get up to play.  This play involves self-directed play as well as teacher-directed activities including gardening.

The Garden Room is set up with a Lego/building table, wooden blocks, a play dough/clay table, a science area, a tree house (which is where most of the dramatic play takes place), dress up clothes and a cut and color table. These are always available to children during inside play time. The teachers meet weekly to plan their lessons with the idea of mixing a few teaching theories: thematic as well as emergent.  The curriculum covers language and literature, pre-math, science and discovery, language arts, cognitive skills and music and movement.

Sun Room

Pre-Kindergarten Program for 4 year olds

Dana Ferrarelli

Sun Room Teacher

Lauren Lee

Sun Room Teacher

The Sun Room is home to our 4 year olds.  Our 4 year olds are ‘generally’ able to sit for a longer rug time than the 3 year olds although there is no guarantee of this as each day can vary.  We cover areas of our curriculum such as science, language and literature, pre-math, music and movement, language arts .

We work cooperatively in a group to show self-control and cover areas such as visual discrimination and memory, auditory discrimination and memory, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, expressive language and receptive language all through play and fun activities.   Inside the classroom the children have the option of doing a teacher-directed activity or an activity chosen by them.  The child-directed activities include dramatic play, creation station, science and discovery, block building, sensory activities, lego / building  table and clay/play dough table.

Many of our projects are project-based with emphasis on process vs. product.  We may sometimes take a break from the project to give it some breathing time and return to it with more intentionality.  Children are able to focus and be engaged in the activity they are doing and have more meaning in their activities.


Enrichment Pre-Kinder Program for 5 year olds

Jennifer Scharnikow

Bungalow Teacher / Director

The Bungalow is home to our 5 year olds, the older children of Kid Works.  This is an enrichment Pre-K program that caters to children who miss the cut-off date for Kindergarten (September 1st) or children who would benefit from an extra year of development, either socially, emotionally or intellectually.   We are limited to just 10 children in this program where they truly develop leaps and bounds before entering Kindergarten, giving them ‘the gift of time’.

Our Bungalow children have leadership roles on a daily basis which include being Pet Monitor,  Messenger, Snack Monitor and more.  They naturally become nurturing of our younger friends and may show more leadership in their play.

The class is a stand-alone building (hence the name ‘Bungalow’).  They have a nook which houses their science/library area, an independent activity table, a Lego/building table, many wooden blocks of all shapes and sizes, an art studio, an easel and a dramatic play area.   The curriculum follows the same philosophy as a developmentally appropriate program with activities and rug times that are appropriate for their age.

Mindfulness & Yoga

Cary Saltsgaver

Yoga Instructor

We are proud and honored to be able to offer our children Mindfulness and Yoga practice here at Kid Works by Cary Saltsgaver.

One day of the week each class will have the privilege of a specialized teacher, Cary Saltsgaver, certified in the practice of Mindfulness and also Yoga.  Cary first started teaching Mindfulness to our children in March 2016.  Please visit her website for more information: www.startwith3.com

Research shows the importance and growing need for more mindfulness in education.  Our belief is that if we can introduce it to children early in their lives, it will become a very natural and healthy way of life.


Spanish Dual Immersion Program

We are thrilled to be able to offer Kindergartners and first graders, whether Kid Works alumni or not, a home away from home.  The program takes place in the Bungalow and is for those Kindergartners and first graders who are dismissed from school at 2:00 pm.  We do pick ups for students from Fremont Elementary only.  Transportation from other schools will need to be arranged with other parents.  We would be happy to help make arrangements.

The program is Spanish dual immersion because we understand the importance of a second language taught in a natural setting.  Children will cook, garden, and have some down time for some good quality play.  This will mostly be conducted in Spanish to allow children the language development at the same time.   The program is ideal for those who have already been exposed to Spanish as a first or second language or even those who have never been introduced to Spanish.    We are flexible about making adjustments to the program based on the group of children and their needs or experience.

Summer Camps

Summer programs for children K-5th Grade

Please contact us via email or phone if you are interested in registering for any or all of these camps.  We’re looking forward to some fun, adventurous times this Summer!


562 438 4904


From our Parents and Students

I’m sad. I miss my friends at school. I love that school.

David – Kid Works Student

Both my children attended Kid Works and loved it. Their program is the best and provides age appropriate skills for preschoolers to learn and grow.  The staff and facility are amazing and the schedule is also great for working families.  My boys have thrived at Kid Works and being part of this community has been a true gift to our family.

Tara H.

We discovered Kid Works from a friend and have loved the experience. The staff feel like family and it’s hard to get my son to leave in the evening. He is free to be dirty and encouraged to be hands on with all of the various and ever changing activities. There is a garden growing vegetables, water stations, pet bunnies, pet birds, and pet rats..etc. One day my parents came to pick up my son and he was busing his own dishes from snack time. He immediately came home and wanted to help with our dishes. Things like this are ever day events at Kid Works. We are so happy our friend recommended this wonderful preschool.

Dan J.

Awesome school, awesome teachers, awesome owner.  My son attended here when he was 3 years old.  The school opened up his imagination and artistic skills.  He is now 6 and doing great in Kinder.  Our second child, who is 3 years old, now attends Kid Works and loves it even more.  This place is a must visit if you are looking for a place that will care for your toddlers.

Ken E.

We absolutely love Kidworks! Our daughter has so enjoyed it there. The teachers and administration are friendly and just the right amount of firm. The school is so, so organized. Lot’s of process and procedure, which is great for busy mommas!

Leslie B.

This is our first year with our son, and we couldn’t be happier!  The teachers feel like family and our son LOVES being at preschool.  Their concept is very much up our alley; play and exploration 😉  They even have an organic garden, mud play and yoga!”

Linda P.

I feel really good about our son being at Kid Works. As a parent with over-protective tendencies, I don’t feel the typical pangs of concern that I am prone to. I feel that he is not only incredibly safe there, but also very well nurtured in an environment that teaches him to be his own little man. I am so grateful for his experiences and growth, I cannot recommend Kid Works highly enough.

Shannon B.

2020/2021 Program with COVID-19 Protocols

Fall Session Dates:
September 9, 2020 to June 11, 2021

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Thursday: 8 AM – 4 PM
Friday: 8 AM – 12:30 PM

Tuition: $1497/month

Some of the considerations that informed this decision include:

  1. Class size: Maintaining the limit of 12 children per class, with the Bungalow (for ages 4.5+) limited to fewer children since the classroom is smaller than the other two classrooms.
  2. Dedicated teachers: Teachers will remain with their cohort for the duration of the school day to minimize other staff having to step in.
  3. Smaller teacher to student ratio: With smaller group sizes, children can expect more opportunities for one-on-one work with a teacher. The ratio will be 1:6 in the Garden and Sun Rooms, and will be 1:8 in the Bungalow.
  4. Accommodating our full-day families: Most of our families need a full-day schedule so offering a longer school day would work for the majority of families.
  5. Weekly staff meeting: We will have a shorter school day on Fridays so our staff can meet to connect over school news and curriculum planning. We plan to conduct socially-distanced staff meetings outdoors after the children are picked up from school.
  6. Robust health protocol and enhanced cleaning and sanitizing: Extra measures in place to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

Please email the school at kidworkscc@hotmail.com to schedule a virtual tour. Thank you!


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