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August Snack Menu

Monday - Friday

You will see our snack menu posted on our Parent Board monthly as well as sent in our newsletters.

We serve a variety of snacks which include whole grains, fruit, vegetables and proteins.


On some occasions we have been able to harvest our crops from our garden and have them for snack.  Since we have an abundance of limes and mint we are able to infuse our water with those ingredients and substitute it for juice.   We may experiment with different fruit to flavor the water giving children the experience of taste in introducing a new fruit possibly.


Snack is sometimes made by the children to give them a sense of pride in what they eat but also to cover a science/sensory curriculum.  We enjoy making jam, zucchini bread, sweet potato latkes to name a few.


Snack is served twice a day: 9.30 am and 4 pm.



Our Snack